Hi Amanda,

My boy is here and I was home after just 2 days. When I arrived at hospital they said after all my hard times they were going to turn it round for me and make it a happy experience …and that’s exactly what they did.

They even photographed the whole procedure for me he was born at 08:56 and cord clamped by his daddy at 09:00am. So glad I found the strength to fight for what I wanted for my little man!

As it hadn’t been done in c-section before all the theatre staff abandoned me after he was born as they wanted to watch it all and cord pulsing etc, they were all amazed and now they know for other people too. The doctor set him on my legs while taking out my placenta

Thank you once again for being there for me xXx

Extra note: His clamp and dried up cord fell off this morning and it’s only the start of day 4 wonder.

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