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My name is Amanda Burleigh, I am a qualified Midwife and Registered Nurse with over 30 years as a clinical Midwife.

I started campaigning for optimal cord clamping in 2005, I had been qualified as a Midwife for 16 years, After considerable reflection and researching of evidence and speaking to primary school teachers who concurred that increasing numbers of children appeared to be suffering educational. behavioral and health problems.  I reflected on our practice as clinicians and discovered that the routine practice of immediate (early/premature) cord clamping  carried out after baby’s birth but generally before the baby had taken it’s first breath was an intervention in natural physiology which had no evidence to support it. There was no evidence to say this was safe for baby and on the contrary the research I found showed that it was known that early clamping deprived the baby of 30% of their blood volume and could cause harm. The effects of early clamping on premature babies were thought to be ore harmful but studies showing this had been ignored.

Since my light bulb moment in 2005 I have been committed to changing practice in the UK and around the world and I will continue until the practice of early clamping stops.  

 “Waitforwhite” describes a cord which has been left to complete its physiological function.

This website has been designed to consolidate the evidence and showcase the research and work of the many members who are striving hard to make our babies the healthiest they can be and turn the tide of poor non evidence based practice which is still prevalent around the world.

Most importantly this page is to inform parents of tomorrow of best practice so they can demand the best for their children as they are the most important change agents. Currently practice around timing of cord clamping can be a lottery and parents need to be informed of the research and the long term effects of immediate, early  and premature clamping so that they can request the best for their baby.

We are also on 2nd and 3rd generation immediate clamping and have no understanding of the accumulative effect of babies losing over a million stem cells per generation.


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