Semra Ozer – Obstetrician, Istanbul, Turkey

It’s not cord blood, its baby’s blood that is in the cord. It is so precious that we consider saving it in the “bank” for the future, but then in order to prevent babies getting jaundice we cut the cord immediately and inhibit this precious blood getting into your baby’s body.

What a pity! We do this mostly not even to do the baby good but because “we have always done this before” and not even with thinking because the evidence base tells us that it does more harm than good. Instead of listening and reading the facts we just cut the cord, throw away the blood we could save in the baby and substitute iron for 6 months.

 Imagine what could happen if the doctors told the same mothers “we will draw X ml of your baby’s blood in order to prevent jaundice and that is why you have to give iron for 6 months”. Oh the evidence base says it isn’t preventing jaundice at all but ….whatever! we have always done this and we will do it anyway. You will be in post-partum euphoria ….. You won’t even notice!

Professor Nezihe Beji – Biruni University, Istanbul

Geç kordon klemplenmesi, doğum esnasında plasentadaki fetal kanın bebeğe geçmesi için uygun zamanı sağlar. Bu gecikme sayesinde bebeğe geçen kan hacmi %40 oranında arttırılabilir. Artan kan hacminin yenidoğana faydaları, hemoglobin değerleri, demir depoları daha fazladır ve bu sayede kardiyopulmoner dolaşım daha iyi olur.

Late cord clamping provides the appropriate time for delivery of fetal blood in the placenta to the baby during delivery. Thanks to this delay, the volume of blood passed to the baby can be increased by 40%. The benefits of increased blood volume to the newborn, hemoglobin values, iron stores are more, and thus better cardiopulmonary circulation.