Benefits of Optimal Cord Clamping.

Firstly baby receives their full volume of blood as nature intended.

Term Babies

Ola Andersson’s team examined 382 term babies in 2011. The results showed that at 4 months of age there was increased anaemia in the babies that had immediate cord clamping.  263 of the babies from the original study were examined in 2015 at age 4 and the results showed that the male babies had decreased social and fine motor skills.

Diane Farrer’s team weighed babies with the cord intact for 5 minutes and the results showed that the babies gained up to 214g in the first five minutes of life when the cord remained intact.

Pre-term babies

Judith Mercer – an American Midwife has done extensive research into the benefits of delayed cord clamping with premature babies showing:

Delayed cord clamping increases:

• Haematocrit
• Haemoglobin
• Blood pressure
• Cerebral oxygenation
• Red blood cell flow
•Breast feeding duration

Delayed cord clamping decreases the risk of:

•Intraventricular haemorrhage
•Necrotizing enterocolitis
•Late-onset sepsis
•Need for blood transfusions for low blodd pressure or anaemia
•Need for mechanical ventilation