Dear Amanda,

Had my elective c section due to breech presentation last Friday and all went well and I now have a little girl, called Suri Rose.

I discussed with the consultant the 3 things I would really like.

1) delayed cord clamping

2) for my husband to tell me the sex of the baby

3) skin to skin as soon as possible.

They explained (heartlands hospital, Birmingham) that they too are keen on delayed cord clamping and skin to skin. This made me and my husband very happy, as a c section wasn’t our first choice it made us more at ease that we could have some of our wishes still carried out. They told my husband to look as they held the baby to show him she was a little girl. The surgeon said the cord stopped pulsating before he cut the cord, they did quick checks and then my little girl was placed skin to skin on me while I was still on the operating table. It was very emotional. So thanks for your advice and giving me the confidence to ask.


Gemma’s Testimonial

Testimonial!!!! OCC This is the only thing in my birth that went to plan! I am so glad I heard about it before my labour & had time to add it to my birth plan in capital letters and underlined! My daughter is so perfect so alert & so strong from birth, successfully breast feeding & between 50th & 75th centile, she’s now 4 months and already on the move such a happy content baby so bright. I have told friends and family to do it but they look at me like I’m a weirdo, much like they did when I said we were planning a home birth!!! Vive the birth revolution!!! Lol xx Gemma Alexander

Petrina’s experience

 When I had to be induced for the birth of my first (and only so far) she had meconium on her so they had to cut the cord to clean her even though I was screaming at them not to cut the cord. I have always wondered why they couldn’t clean her with the cord still attached. Do you have any idea why they had to cut the cord to clean her in the delivery room?

They told me I got 60 seconds, I’m not even sure I believe them. I couldn’t believe I was negotiating from my labour table! I hope I did get the 1 minute.


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